Oh those amazing summer days, children frolicking in the grass, puppies playing with the children.  Ice cream dripping off your elbow as you hear the faint sound of the ice cream truck leaving in the distance.  A warm breeze running running through your hair and the smell of fresh cut grass…

Seriously, who are we kidding?  We are a bar.  And a damn good one at that! We have 22 beer taps dispensing ice cold delicious beer.  A fully stocked bar with everything you can dream of, and did we mention “shots”?  Definitely have a shot when you come.  We play really good music, and we play it LOUD (live on the weekends) and delicious gourmet fare at the ready.  We all work hard, this is the place to come and unwind.

The ocean is beautiful thing,  but the bartenders will satisfy all your beverage needs, and the view is amazing.  WHAT??? The beach view, we ARE located at the beach.  What did you think we meant?

This is serious business. 
You should come and check out our happy hour.